Hi, I’m Sandie, a passionate self-taught visual artist who finds immense joy and fulfilment in bringing life to blank surfaces (paper, canvas, fabric, wood, you name it!). My artistic journey began with the desire to escape boredom, having had no previous experience nor formal training. It is a testimony to the fact that very often…you should just follow your heart and do as it directs you. I truly believe that we all have an innate gift that wants us to give birth to it at some point in our lives, don’t let it die inside of you!



Website: https://sandiegartworks.com

        Email: hello@sandiegartworks.com 

Lately, I have been enjoying creating art on fabric. I love putting together what I like to call my Sandie G Connected tops where the painted image on the front of the garment (t-shirt or sweatshirt) is linked to the artwork on the back of the garment with a thread. Make sure to follow my Instagram account for some unique Connected tops!

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However, my favourite art form and the one I find myself going back to time and time again has to be stippling. To me, stippling is a magical process that gives life to very simple sketches.  Yes, it's amazing what hundreds of dots can give life to!

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Another favourite way for me to spend my time is by giving renewed life to plain trainers. Please feel free to request your very own customised pair!
Art is the language that speaks when words fall short, and I am grateful to be on this artistic journey of self-discovery and expression. I believe that art has the power to inspire, heal, and unite, and I am humbled to share my passion with the world. Thank you for visiting!

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