Welcome to Sandie G.’s art world, where versatility and creativity meet. Sandie G. enjoys painting on various surfaces using different mediums. Her choice of medium depends on her mood, inspiration, location, or available time. This approach allows her to explore a wide range of artistic expressions, making each piece unique and personal.

Mediums and Surfaces

Sandie G.’s artistic journey began with oils, a medium she initially favored for its rich texture and depth. However, over time, she developed a preference for acrylics. Acrylics are easier to use, require minimal brush cleaning, and don’t have strong odors. They offer flexibility and vibrant colors without the hassle of extensive cleanup.

Fabric Painting

Lately, Sandie G. has ventured into fabric painting, transforming everyday items like t-shirts and trainers into wearable art. This medium presents unique challenges and opportunities. It allows her to blend practicality with creativity. Each piece becomes a functional work of art that people can carry with them, adding a touch of uniqueness to their daily lives.

Wooden Earrings

Another exciting avenue for Sandie G. is the transformation of wooden earrings. Starting with bare wood, she applies her artistic touch to create stunning, handcrafted accessories. These earrings are not only beautiful but also tell a story of transformation and artistic vision. They make a special addition to anyone’s jewelry collection.

Edson Arantes do Nascimento

Abstract and Figurative Painting

In addition to fabric and wooden surfaces, Sandie G. dives into the spontaneous world of abstract art. This allows her creativity to flow freely without constraints. She also enjoys portrait and figurative painting, using acrylics to capture the essence of her subjects. Each piece, whether abstract or figurative, reflects her artistic journey and the diverse influences that inspire her.

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Discover the wide array of artworks by Sandie G. Each piece showcases her passion for different mediums and surfaces. From fabric painting and wooden earrings to abstract and figurative pieces, her collection is a testament to her creativity and versatility.

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